BBR Certification

What is BBR Certified Black Business?

Certified Black Business, is the new registration to authenticate your business as a Black-owned business. By registering and meeting the criteria, your company (if approved), will be recognised as a Certified Black-owned Business which actively supports and uplifts the Black Business community, this helps to develop trust, independence and economic growth.

Having the certificate displayed on your premises, website or product provides the community with evidence of black business ownership.



Why Do I Need To Certify My Business?

Firstly, it promotes group economic empowerment and encourages support for the Black community. By highlighting and promoting Black-owned businesses, it helps to increase their visibility, customer base, and overall success. A registration and certification authority for Black-owned businesses further strengthens this initiative. It provides formal recognition and verification of their status, which enhances credibility and trust. Certification can also reduce the risk of cultural appropriation and validate your brand authenticity, ensuring that genuine Black business entrepreneurs receive the recognition and support they deserve.

What Are The Benefits?

Registering your business will help promote group economics and empowerment within the Black community, contribute to job creation, wealth generation and business growth. Consumers will be able to make informed choices and confidently support black-owned enterprises, strengthening the local and national economy.

Corporate Friends of BBR Certification

Welcome Friends, Black Business Recommendation has created Certified Black Business to register and authenticate black-owned businesses. CBB recognise that Entrepreneurship has been described as the most powerful economic force known to humankind, it can increase and create wealth for everyone.

To begin the process of collaboration and sharing resources for a more perfect union Certified Black Business would like to invite Corporate friends of black businesses and the business community to engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue in a space where thoughts and willingness can translate into measurable outcomes and actions which will alleviate and transcend the many obstacles which prevent economic growth and empowerment.

To become a Corporate Friend of BBR Certified Black Business, contact us below.

More Reasons Why You Should Certify Your Business

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Certification as a Certified Black Business provides official recognition of your status as a Black-owned Business. This helps corporate friends of Black businesses to establish trust, credibility, and transparency, reinforcing your commitment to economic empowerment within the Black community.

Being a BBR Certified Black Business sets you apart from other businesses and highlights your unique identity. It differentiates you in the marketplace, attracting customers who specifically seek to support and engage with Black-owned businesses. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, brand recognition, and competitive advantage.

Certification opens doors to various opportunities that specifically target and support Black-owned businesses. This includes access to funding, grants, government contracts, supplier diversity programs, and collaborations with corporations and organisations committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

As a BBR Certified Black Business member, you become part of a dynamic network of fellow entrepreneurs and professionals. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. You can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange insights, and explore mutually beneficial ventures.

BBR Certification connects you to a supportive community. You can engage with other Certified Black Businesses, share experiences, and access resources tailored to your needs. The community offers a platform for collaboration, learning, and empowerment.

By registering as a BBR Certified Black Business, you actively contribute to addressing economic disparities and promoting a more inclusive and equitable society. Your participation helps dismantle systemic barriers and creates opportunities for economic growth and wealth creation within the Black community.

Certify Your Business Today!

Join the alternative to being ill-informed about business ownership, complete the registration with BBR, and be recognised as a Certified Black Business today. Together, we can drive positive change, foster economic growth and empowerment, and build a network of inclusion, support and collaboration that actually celebrates diversity and equality.