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Huw Bellot


Black Business Recommendation has been in the background throughout my life. In the mid 1980’s BBR was in the gaze of a young man who walked the streets of London from North, South and East amassing 2375 black owned businesses for the first UK Black Business Directory which were generally small to mid-sized businesses. Throughout the 1990’s it was within the growth of my consciousness and my increasing awareness of the inequalities of opportunities for black people in business and society that kept the fire still burning. Still talking about inequality in the new millennium, a burning desire to own the means of production and to drive forward the dream to reality, led to an understanding that no one person can do it alone.
In 2017 respectfully placing my £5 in the hand of the shopkeeper, only to see my change tossed onto the counter as the keeper stared into my eyes, hmm just another deliberate act of disrespect only frustrated and galvanised the need to develop our own service. Till one day a question emerged from frustration, why not find black businesses? The answer formed its own life, tell people about our businesses, yeah but how do we connect with people? Call it Black Business Recommendation and so BBR was created.

Inject knowledge and awareness of Black Owned Businesses

Our aim is to create a Business, where we can facilitate the growth within Businesses, inject knowledge and awareness of Black Owned Businesses Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Black Business Recommendation is very much interested in the development of the Black Community in whichever form that takes, be it through education, business, training, collaboration and networking. Those are subsequently the five pillars which form the foundation on which Black Business Recommendation stands upon.
We are so pleased that you have taken the time to look through what we have on offer here on BBR. Whether you are a customer who would like to find shops and services to purchase from, or you are an entrepreneur thinking about starting a business and looking for training and information or inspiration to get started or a business that would like to network and collaborate with other businesses or even invest in a start-up.
We are very passionate about supporting Black Owned Businesses, which in turn will benefit the diaspora as a whole and will assist with the economic growth of the community. If you would like to support these businesses or you are a start-up business that could benefit from the knowledge of established businesses with training and support, then The BBR Network is the place for you.
Black Business Recommendation has been created to support both individual Consumers and Black Owned Businesses.
Thank you for Visiting Black Business Recommendation.
We hope that your visit will become a long stay

Lorraine Bellot