BBR Promote Your Business
Promote your business to a wider audience of over 250,000 through livestream shows and promotions through the BBR social platforms and affiliates.
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BBR Certification
BBR Certification for black-owned businesses is the next step for true recognition in the business landscape. BBR Certification will provide numerous advantages, including enhanced credibility, increased access to resources, and improved opportunities for growth.
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BBR £10,000 Interest Free Business Development Loan 2024
One Black-owned business will receive this award in order to further develop their business.
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BBR Network
Join our fast-growing network designed to help you connect with business people and entrepreneurs, information and more.
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BBR Excellence Awards 2024
The BBR Awards showcase business excellence within the community to the wider audience, celebrating in our authentic style.
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Supporting Black Business is key!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate businesses, the community and individuals on best Business standards through education, business training, collaboration and networking.

We showcase and promote businesses to the wider community to help people understand the importance of investing in “self” and how this has a positive impact economically to the wider community.

Supporting Businesses To Build Legacies

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BBR Certification

BBR Certification recognises the challenges that face black people in business, trying to mould one’s self and navigate what can be a minefield when trying to start, grow or maintain their business. 

BBR understands that certification will instil pride, recognition and better opportunities with other stakeholders.


Showcasing Businesses

BBR Vendors

We provide opportunities to vendors who wish to showcase their products and services at our networking events.

As a vendor, if this is something of interest to you, please sign up for our next event with your details.

If you would like to be on our vendors list for future events, register below.


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