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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate businesses, the community and individuals on best Business standards through education, business training, collaboration and networking.

We showcase and promote businesses to the wider community to help people understand the importance of investing in “self” and how this has a positive impact economically to the wider community.

Supporting Business Excellence

Black Business Recommendation Business Development Award Competition

Black Business Recommendation would like to announce our First BBR £10,000 Business Development Award.

One Lucky Black Owned Business will secure £10,000 An opportunity to further develop a Black Owned Business.

The Competition Is Now Closed!

The winner will be announced at the
Excellence Award Event

Time To Celebrate...

Black Business Recommendation
Excellence Award Event
Saturday 15th April 2023

The winner of the BBR Business Development Award will be decided at this prestigious event. We will also recoqnise businesses who have achieved excellence in their sector over the year, plus enjoy an evening of entertainment from music and comedy.

Supporting Businesses To Build Legacies

Bringing Businesses Together

Black Business Recommendation’s aim is to bring businesses together through showcasing, highlighting, collaborating, advertisement, Let’s Talk Livestream‘s and networking as well as through online training and physical collaborative networking events.

We also provide education and training for existing businesses and entrepreneurs to help them on a successful business journey to legacy.

We provide opportunities to vendors who wish to showcase their products and services at our networking events.

As a vendor, if this is something of interest to you, please sign up for our next event with your details.

If you would like to be on our vendors list for future events, register below.

Supporting Black Business is key!

Promote Your Business

We promote businesses through our Let’s Talk Livestream “Promote Your Business” where there is an opportunity to connect with a potential customer base of 10.9k.

The livestreams are to inform the community of the vast array of businesses we have whether they are products or services that are available in peoples locality or online.

We also visit businesses to get a better understanding of the owners, how they work within their business and let the viewers gain an insight to the person behind the business, as everybody knows this is one the most essential parts of being a business owner, connecting with potential customers.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please click here to find out more.

Showcasing Businesses

Huw & Lorraine's Let's Talk! Livestream

Our Livestreams take place every Monday at 8pm. 

Here you will find some of the wonderful entrepreneurs and established business owners talking about their business journey.

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