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Hear What Our Members Say About Us.
"The awareness of Black Businesses that you never knew existed and the networking opportunities."
Malika Williams
"Its been a great platform, also gaining insight to other businesses. Still learning and sharing"
LA Sahara Bee
"I really wasn't sure when I joined this group. I'm pleasantly surprised, so much positivity, all the recommendations, support and information, it is an awesome group. Thank you for your hard work and dedication."
Jennifer Smith
"I think this is a fantastic group with a real family ethos. I always recommend this group as so many can benefit from an amazing group of professionals from all aspects of businesses, from suppliers to vendors, marketing and creatives."
Patrick Wright
" Absolutely brilliant group and love seeing all the different posts. I like to promote other Black Businesses that I do not know about in the group."
Jacqui Defoe
"Black Business Recommendation has helped me to connect with other Black Businesses and for us to have a voice to be seen, heard and to support each other to grow. Thank you to you both for this opportunity. Keep doing what you do."
Sharon G Nubianqueen