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Understanding and implementing PR into your business

Nicola Millington - FP Comms

Public Relation

Understanding & Implementing PR into your business
£ 75.00
  • PR Course


Most people think of PR as just press coverage, but it is so much more than that, and that is what this course is going to teach you.

It is from years of experience and access to the top experts and practitioners in this field, that this masterclass is being delivered to you.

  • This course will help you understand PR
  • Learn which tools and resources to use to get you started
  • Implement and manage an element of PR for your business

Within a few hours, we provide you with the information you require to get started and share with you my 20 plus years’ experience, me and my team deliver for our clients on a regular basis.

For only £75 you will gain unlimited access to this course.

Also, as a member of BBR, I occasionally like to pop in, so if you have done the course and you want to be part of any group sessions, you will have access to that too.

So sign up to the course and access all of the information you require to implement PR into your business.

In order to access this content you will need to purchase the PR Course.