Please find below our available courses designed to assist you through the development of your business.

Business Vision Workbook

This course provides you with the initial process that you should consider taking before starting your business.


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PR & Digital Marketing

The importance of PR is quite understated. As such its value is slowly being recognised as a vital tool in the business repertoire.

This course is delivered in 5 parts with a downloadable document, which you can do at a time that is convenient for you.


IT Office software Applications

Learn how to setup your financial spreadsheets to keep an eye on your budget using programmes such as Excel.

Organise your emails to keep in touch with your customers and your new contacts plus learn how to create professional correspondence.

Various Packages Available.


Health & Safety compliance in your business is essential for keeping all stakeholders for your business safe.

Click below to see the various courses available for you and your business.

Various Courses Available.


Coming soon, we will be providing masterclasses from the business experts in their field of expertise from trading in Africa, Distribution, Marketing, freelancing and many more to give you the inspiration and tools to start your own business.

Livestream Lessons

Coming soon, you will be able to register and attend webinars, where our experts will speak about their specific industries and you will have the chance to ask questions and be amongst people ready to start in  business just like you.

Levels of courses to come


These courses are for anyone starting a business who require courses to assist with the initial guidance necessary for your business.


Theses courses are for anyone who has started a business but require further learning and knowledge to grow further.


These courses are for anyone who has an established business who are seeking learning on upscaling, collaboration or partnerships.